180 Days: Hartsville premieres on WUCF March 22

"180 Days: Hartsville" follows the rural town of Hartsville, South Carolina as the town adjusts to new educational standards and maintaining funding with a majority of their students living in poverty. Despite the state of South Carolina being 45th in the nation for education, the town has a more than 90 percent graduation rate for students. Families, educators and American Graduate champions are profiled throughout the film. 

180 Days: Hartsville premieres on WUCF on Sunday, March 22 at 4 p.m.

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Can a community really change the fortune of generations through school? 

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From the Directors' Statement

180 Days, the award-winning PBS series, spent a year in two elementary schools in Hartsville, one, the lowest performing and one, the most rapidly improving, letting teachers, principals, district administrators, community leaders and families tell their own stories. From a single mom, working two low wage jobs with high aspirations for her three young sons to a veteran principal who was the first in her family to go to college, their stories give viewers intimate access to just what it takes to give even the most vulnerable members of our society, poor kids, a chance at the American Dream.

-Jacquie Jones and Garland McLaurin

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