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This week I read an article from Education World titled Why Teaching Students Solid Digital Work Habits is Important?  Midstream, I had an ‘aha’ moment, the same kind of ‘aha’ moment one of my former Kindergarten students demonstrated when he looked at me wide eyed from across the room and yelled “Hey I can read, I really know what the words say!”  I am feeling as if my years of struggling with the questions… Where did I save that resource?  Why did I save that resource?  How could I have forgotten about that resource?  I loved that resource, how come this link no longer works? have finally been validated!

Here is the excerpt:

“Organization of digital tools, Elden says, involves figuring out a digital filing system to ensure that digital resources are centralized and easy-to-find. This makes sense from my personal experience, as disorganization has led me to forget certain resources even existed as they got lost in the mass of my files.”

Finally, my ‘aha’ answer:   PBS LearningMedia

As a career educator, why did it take so long to find this resource?  Now as part of WUCF TV and a PBS LearningMedia trainer, my mission is to empower educators with the digital resources and organization system.  Tag your favorite PBSLM resources and even link an outside resource to your favorites, Then, create folders to organize the favorites and even share them with colleagues and students!

The brilliance of PBSLM goes way beyond organization!  PBS LearningMedia also features a set of tools that allow teachers and students to utilize the content easily.  Teachers can also create custom class pages and assign content to students, keyword search and browse through a curriculum hierarchy, and tag, share, and save content.  Curated from expert content contributors like The National Archives and NASA and critically acclaimed PBS programs, PBSLM’s resources include interactives, images, video, audio files and more with lesson plans, background essays, discussion questions, and are all standards aligned.  In addition, notes can be added so you never forget why you saved it in the first place!

As a service to our community, WUCF provides FREE PBS LearningMedia training to educators, administrators, and non-instructional staff.  Whatever the size of your team, we are here to support your classroom digital efforts!  

Want to learn more?  Drop me an email at and let’s talk!

Happy Learning!

Janice Sante

Education and Community Engagement Coordinator

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