UCF student takes part in Roadtrip Nation program that will air in June

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Why Not Us? follows the journeys of four students - all first in their families to go to college - as they travel across the country to interview inspiring leaders who were also first in their families to pursue higher education.  Including a student from the University of Central Florida.

Join WUCF on Sunday, June 14 at 5 p.m. to hitchhike along as the road-trippers gain hope and wisdom from trail-blazers like Girl Scouts of America CEO Anna Maria Chavez, Grammy Award-winning singer John Legend and AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson.  Inspuried by the stories of those who've gone before them, the road-trippers are empowered to ask, "why shouldn't we succeed?"

Journey along with:

    • Jasmine (20) comes from a tight-knit family in South Carolina. Feeling guilty for pursuing her education, she juggles two jobs in addition to her full-time course work so she can send money home. When she visits her family and sees them having trouble putting food on the table, she says, “I am very doubtful that I’m doing the right thing.”
    • Felipe (24) grew up in an immigrant community in California and is not just the first college graduate in his family, but in his whole apartment complex. “But I’m still confused as to where I should go,” he admits. He shows his parents his degrees and laughs, “De cuatro años para estos pedazos de papel.” (“Four years for these pieces of paper.”)
    • Jenny (19) grew up in Mississippi and lost her mother when she was young. After her father was pulled over three times for drunk driving, her uncle took her in. Struggling to put herself through college, she wonders whether the sacrifice is worth it, and whether she will be able to make a living if she follows her passion and majors in art.
    • Johnathan (20) is a sophomore at the University of Central Florida. Though he thought he wanted to be a doctor when he entered college, now he wants to major in marketing. A lot of people have supported him along the way, however, and he feels as if he has to choose between living up to their expectations and following his own dreams.

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