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ARTISODES on WUCF TV exhibits authentic art

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

You shouldn’t make artwork about what you don’t know about.”  Those are the words Florida artist Bryce Hammond lives by and displays in his mixed media art that specializes in urban and lived-in, transient spaces.

 “If there is something you’re interested in, and you don’t know it, then you need to assimilate into it completely,” said Hammond.  “So with the transient motel, I went and lived there as a transient population.”

See his process to create authentic art in this week’s Artisodes!

WUCF’s Artisodes airs each Thursday on WUCF TV at 8 p.m. 

About WUCF Artisodes

WUCF TV’s Artisodes is a collaborative effort of a group of innovative large market PBS stations to launch the “Major Market Group Arts Initiative.” This collaboration allows PBS stations like WUCF to share their local arts and culture features with one another. The weekly series features a myriad of performing and visual arts and cultural experiences both locally and nationally, allowing Central Florida’s arts and culture institutions to get their stories out to a national audience.