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Central Florida Roadtrip Journeys to New Smyrna Beach

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

Central Florida Roadtrip premieres this Thursday on WUCF, taking viewers inside the people and stories that shaped the city of New Smyrna Beach.

Learn about the tragic founding of the city. Sent by the British in 1769 to settle a colony, Dr. Andrew Turnbull and a few ships’ worth of indentured servants made landfall in the New Smyrna Beach area, beginning the first English occupation of that area of Florida. See how the cruelty of Turnbull and the many deaths of indentured servants led to the original failure of the city.

Find out why some say New Smyrna Beach could be 500 years older than St. Augustin—a city known for being the oldest in the country—and discover the sugar mill ruins, originally thought to be a Spanish mission.

Discover how New Smyrna got its first taste of the Women’s Liberation Movement through the actions of a woman named Hannah Bonnet. From private citizen to city commissioner and finally to mayor of the city, see her amazing journey accomplishments as a local political leader.

Finally, get a look at the thriving surfing and art communities in the city, and see how the famous painter Bob Ross, who called New Smyrna Beach home, inspired the creation many local art programs in the community, including a workshop he opened himself in 1992.

The brand new Central Florida Roadtrip premieres Thursday, November 16 at 8 p.m. on WUCF TV.

You can learn more about Central Florida Roadtrip on the website (http://www.wucftv.org/roadtrip).