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February Fun at WUCF's Curious Corner

Posted by Janice Sante on
Friendship at WUCF's Curious Corner

Every month a WUCF team member visits the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida’s Preschool where you will find WUCF’s Curious Corner, a Curious George themed area with comfy cushions, an area rug, rocking chair, and plenty of books for kids of all ages.

For February the themes of Friendship, Courage, Cooperation, Leadership, Responsibility, Fear and Diversity were featured with the reading of Swimmy by Leo Leonni.  To avoid being eaten by bigger fish, Swimmy, the main character, and a school of little red fish work together to swim in a formation that looks like one giant fish – with Swimmy as the eye.

Thank you to WUCF’s volunteer Jennifer Wolf who read the story and helped the children work together to create their giant fish!