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Get in the Halloween spirit with Phantasmagoria on this week’s WUCF Artisodes

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

Experience Phantasmagoria this week on WUCF Artisodes.

Phantasmagoria is Orlando’s original steampunk storytelling troupe, using dance, large-scale puppetry, dance, and acrobatics.

“About six years ago, I said I need to get out of my own box, and redefine what a horror circus means to me,” said creator, John DiDonna.  “Within two months, we had a show called Phantasmagoria, complete with the puppets, the costuming, and the projection and everything that we were doing.”

This group is not just a bunch of performers, but a family. They have created a bond with one another that audience members can’t help but fall in love with.

Also on Artisodes this week, follow WUCF TV to Denver, Colorado for a special on Downton Abbey.  Learn the history behind the Edwardian fashion of everyone’s favorite PBS show.

WUCF Artisodes airs each Thursday on WUCF TV at 8 p.m.