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Meet at star in the making in this week's WUCF ARTISODES

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

This week on WUCF Artisodes, meet Orlando opera singer Giselle Bellas. Bellas said it’s really important to her to educate upcoming musicians and make opera more accessible to young people. See how she’s giving back to students at her alma mater, Dr. Phillips High School.

“What I love about opera is its bigger than life, it incorporates all art forms. There’s something about singing without a microphone over an orchestra that is just incredible,” said Bellas.  “I mean who does that? So I knew when I saw it, I’m like, I wanna do this. That is pretty cool.”

As a part of WUCF’s American Graduate Initiative we introduce you to Santiago Escobar of Eau Gallie High School, our Artist of the Week, and his abstract art.

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