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Mister Rogers Neighborhood Returns to Central Florida PBS

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

It’s always a beautiful day in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, and starting Saturday, you can relieve some favorite Mister Rogers moments.

WUCF will begin airing the PBS favorite every Saturday morning at 6:00 a.m.

Not only is Fred Rogers one of the world’s most beloved stars, he’s one of Winter Park’s most famous alum.  Rogers earned his bachelor's degree in music composition at Rollins College in 1951 and immediately was hired in the television industry. Rogers was married in 1952 to Joanne Byrd, a concert pianist and fellow Rollins graduate.

Fred Rogers put his music training to good use during the nearly 900-episode run of his show from 1968 to 2001. He wrote the music and lyrics for more than 200 songs.

Rogers died in 2003, but his legacy -- teaching millions of children how to be good neighbors, play make-believe and appreciate music -- lives on through the show and new programs, including Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, which airs daily on WUCF TV.

To celebrate his legacy, WUCF is partnering with the Winter Park History Museum for an event in March.  Stay tuned for details.

Join WUCF in celebrating the pioneering legacy of Fred Rogers. Share what Mister Rogers means to you, log on to wucftv.org/MisterRogers to watch exclusive videos, rediscover classic Mister Rogers moments, and explore the Fred Rogers-inspired Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, a PBS KIDS program for the next generation of neighbors.