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ONE Central Florida WUCF TV returns with a splash

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

From the water to the sky, from the ball field to the safari, WUCF’s ONE Central Florida takes you on adventures right here in our community.

First stop on this month’s program, go behind-the-scenes of the dolphin care and training at Marineland Dolphin Adventure in St. Augustine. Meet the dolphins, follow the trainers and explore their research.

Then, hit the fields with Central Florida Miracle League, a baseball team where heart is the only thing that matters. Miracle League provides children with disabilities a chance to play in America’s favorite past time.

“Our motto is if you can’t play in a traditional baseball league, this is the league for you. No matter what your disability is, how severe, or little severe, it may be.” said founder of the Orlando Miracle League, Kelly Puckett, “The rules to the Miracle League are very, very simple; every child bats, every child hits, every child scores. We don’t keep score because it’s not important who wins. They’re winners by just merely being out here playing a game they’ve been told their whole life they can’t play.”

Next, learn about the TBF Avenger, a torpedo bomber used in World War II. Only a few dozen of the planes still fly, but we’ll take you inside a restoration project in Titusville to get another one flying again. 

Finally, see where you can feed water buffalo, interact with lemurs and ride camels. Get the complete African experience with a safari wilderness ride along at the Safari Wilderness Ranch in Lakeland.

ONE Central Florida airs Thursday, November 5 at 8:00 p.m. on WUCF TV.

You can catch up on previous episodes of ONE on the website (http://www.wucftv.org/one).