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Rep. Daniel Webster explains run for House speaker on Metro Center Outlook

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U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Fla) is in the race to replace House Speaker John Boehner, and sits down with WUCF to talk about why he wants the job, Sunday on Metro Center Outlook.

“I’m trying to convince members that I have the best plan and would be the best person for the job,” Rep. Webster said Monday from the WUCF studios.  “The institution itself is what I’m battling against. My battle is not with individual people who are running for speaker.  My battle is to try and convince people that a power-based structure is not good. A principle based, member-driven structure is good.”

Rep. Webster, a third-term Republican, talks to host Dr. Diane Trees about his plans as speaker, military funding, Medicare & Social Security.

Metro Center Outlook airs each Sunday on WUCF TV at 9 a.m.