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SciTech Central explores science through art

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

This week on SciTech Central, explore how art and science come together.  First, high-tech tools bring almost limitless opportunities for inventors, but these high-tech tools can be excessively expensive. Factur, a shared workspace in Orlando, is working to help to bridge that gap.

“Factur is a maker space,” said Douglas Brown, founder of Factur. “The concept of a maker space is a place where people can kind of come, utilize tools they wouldn’t be able to afford, to educate the community how to use these tools.”

Then, head to the Orlando Science Center for the Orlando Maker Faire, a community celebration of creativity and innovation that is also known as the greatest show and tell on earth. 

Next, learn about Artsystem at Utah State University, where the cross between art and science has come alive in an exhibit. The Artsystem is bigger than just the exhibition; it also consists of visiting artists and science lecturers.

The national STEM initiative is a push to get kids to study science, technology, engineering and math.  But some educators think art has been left behind, to students’ detriment.  Hear from University of Central Florida professor Ryan Buyssens to discuss what some are calling the “STEAM” initiative.

Finally, learn how a University of Michigan professor is deconstructing microbiology to make it easier to understand, through music and dance.

This episode of SciTech Central airs this Thursday, November 12 at 8:30 p.m. on WUCF TV.