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WUCF ARTISODES gets rocking with Violectric

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

On this week’s edition of WUCF Artisodes, meet an Orlando music group that combines the energy and irreverence of rock n’ roll with the sweet sounds of violins and violas.

“It’s definitely unique for strings to be in a rock genre, but it’s actually been happening for at least the last 50 years or so,” said Michelle Jones, Violectric Founder.

The group doesn’t just perform around Central Florida, they also teach.  Members of Violectric travel the country teaching music and spreading the love of their craft.

“I think it’s an amazing opportunity to have artists such as Violectric in the Central Florida community willing to come into the Dr. Phillips Center School of the Arts because I think it motivates kids to see professionals who are working in their field and have one-on-one access to them,” said Dana Brazil, Director of Education for the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

WUCF Artisodes airs each Thursday on WUCF TV at 8 p.m.