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WUCF ARTISODES highlights a Central Florida artist with a peculiar medium

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

On this week’s edition of WUCF Artisodes, meet Mateo Blanco, an Orlando Opera singer, turned artist, who’s creations are larger than life.

Blanco creates artwork so unusual, they’re displayed in Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museums, including a unique portrait of actress Jennifer Lawrence that’s made out of 9,658 peanuts.

“I believe art only has one language. I do art because I enjoy it and I love it. I always make sure my art makes people happy. I like something unique and new,” says Blanco. 

Edward Meyer, Ripley’s VP of Archives & Exhibits says, “We want art that is unusual, odd, kind of unique, that you might not see it at anybody else’s art gallery.”

WUCF Artisodes airs each Thursday on WUCF TV at 8 p.m. 

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