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WUCF Artisodes Paints The Trail

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

You may have seen the beautiful art along Central Florida bike trails – now meet the man behind the paint.  Longwood’s Jeff Sonksen loved art since he was a child, but never thought he would be able to do it for a living. On this week’s episode of WUCF Artisodes, meet the artist who turned one bike trail into a five-mile art gallery.

“I’m just trying to pass on positive vibes,” Sonksen states. His fence painting lead him to being named Seminole County’s 2013 Artist of The Year. And Sonksen says he’s nowhere near finished. According to him he is “…going to paint five miles.”

And as part of WUCF’s American Graduate initiative, WUCF Artisodes proudly honors, Brooke Hill. She started out as a kid drawing her favorite Veggie Tale characters, now she is a UCF student tackling the serious issue of human trafficking through her art. She is a graduate of The First Academy and our Student Artist of the Week.

See more on WUCF Artisodes, Thursday Sept. 8th on WUCF TV at 8 p.m.