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WUCF ARTISODES showcases a blind Central Florida drummer

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

On this week’s edition of WUCF Artisodes, meet Enmanuel Chacin, who has a unique view of his musical craft.

After a childhood accident, Chacin became blind, but he did not lose sight of his goals and passions. His love for music started at a young age and he incorporates his Venezuelan heritage into his art. Chacin believes that while others may consider his loss of sight a disability, it has actually enabled him to become a better musician.

“Music helps me have a sense of purpose. Just the fact that I can express myself, and I can write music and read music, convey a message through music,” Chacin believes. “I want my legacy to be one that would inspire people and that would push people to write great and positive music to make people do great things.”

WUCF Artisodes airs each Thursday on WUCF TV at 8 p.m.