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WUCF Artisodes Swirls In Color & Dance

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He calls himself, the ‘Tasmanian devil’ of color. On this week’s WUCF Artisodes, meet Salvador Live!  This Orlando artist brings vibrant color, theater and dance to audiences while transforming a blank canvas into a custom masterpiece.

“I like to keep the show escalating with energy,” said Salvador, a speed painter.  “…you’re going to see me paint; I’m gonna hit you with everything, an element of surprise.  I’m going to hit you with acting.  I’m gonna hit you with explosive dance solos, flipping, crowd interaction and exploding with energy in all aspects.”

As part of WUCF’s American Graduate initiative, WUCF Artisodes proudly honors, Cassie Lackey.  She’s a senior at Oviedo High School in Oviedo and our Student Artist of the Week

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