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WUCF Honors Veterans with Special Programs

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In celebration of Veterans Day, WUCF TV salutes and honors the courageous men and women of the armed forces who have fought for our nation’s freedoms.

Join us all this week to honor and remember those who have fought and died for our country:

  • Mon., Nov. 6 at 9 p.m. – VA: THE HUMAN COST OF WARS
    Explore the history of the Department of Veterans Affairs, from the troubled beginnings of the Veterans Bureau of 1920s to the modern VA system. Learn details of this vast, crucial American institution: its successes, failures and need for reforms. VIDEO PREVIEW
  • Tues., Nov. 7 at 9 p.m. - THE VIETNAM WAR: Episode Seven - The Veneer of Civilization
    Learn about military medical advances and technology, from the battlefield to the return home. VIDEO PREVIEW
  • Sat., Nov. 11
    • 5 p.m. - VETERANS STORIES LIVE: WUCF partners with the Heart of Florida United Way's Mission United program to help address the complicated issues our community faces.  Join us for the hour as we talk to the many community groups and service organizations working on the ground to help connect veterans to resources.  
  • Sun., Nov. 12
    • 1 p.m. – THEY WERE OUR FATHERS: More than 20,000 American children lost their fathers in Vietnam. They Were Our Fathers shares the stories of these Gold Star sons and daughters as they honor their dads on Father’s Day at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. VIDEO PREVIEW
    • 2 p.m. – REMEMBERING VIETNAM: THE TELLING PROJECT: Go behind-the-scenes as national performing arts organization, The Telling Project, works with Minnesota veterans of the Vietnam War and armed conflict in Laos to create a play in which veterans share their stories.
    • 3 p.m. – DEBT OF HONOR: DISABLED VETERANS IN AMERICAN HISTORY: A moving tribute to the history of disabled veterans, Debt of Honor takes an unflinching look at the reality of warfare and disability, featuring interviews with some of the country's most prominent disabled veterans. VIDEO PREVIEW
    • 4 p.m. – THE GHOST ARMY: How American GIs tricked the enemy in WWII with carefully crafted illusions. VIDEO PREVIEW
    • 5 p.m. – SANDS OF WAR: Using both current and rare archival footage, and narrated by Peter Coyote, Sands of War recounts the forgotten story of the Desert Training Center, established in the Mojave Desert by General George Patton to prepare one million soldiers to fight in World War II.
    • 5:30 p.m. – GUADALCANAL: ISLAND OF THE BIG DEATH: August 7, 2017 marks the 75th anniversary of the start of one of the most important battles in American history on Guadalcanal, in the Solomon Islands. Australian historian John Innes takes us on a tour of the actual battlefields, and tells us about the efforts to find and return the remains of many soldiers on both sides.
  • Mon., Nov. 13 at 10 p.m. – POV: ALMOST SUNRISE: In an attempt to put haunting combat experiences behind them, two friends embark on a 2,700-mile trek on foot across America. The film captures an unprecedented portrait of veterans—one of hope, potential and untold possibilities. VIDEO PREVIEW

And join WUCF at the Orlando Veterans Day Parade on Saturday, November 12 at 11 a.m. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and his Veterans Advisory Council will host the 18th annual parade. The parade will feature marching bands, ROTC units, active duty military, decorative floats and veterans groups from all military branches representing a wide variety of conflicts. This year’s theme is “Healing the Invisible Wounds of War,” placing a special focus on the mental and emotional well-being of veterans and their families.