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WUCF Premieres Locally Produced Documentary, THE GROVELAND FOUR

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WUCF is proud to present The Groveland Four, a locally produced documentary exploring the historic Lake County case. The events from 1949 captured national attention and led to a race riot, multiple murders, two trials, a Supreme Court reversal and the assassination of a Florida civil rights leader.

The film premieres on Tuesday, May 29 at a screening at the Garden Theater in Winter Garden. The screening is free, but registration is required. The broadcast premiere is on Monday, June 25 at 10 p.m. on WUCF.

The Groveland Four explores the infamous “Groveland rape case,” in which four young African American men were wrongly accused of rape. In 1949, Lake County was considered the citrus capital of the world, and African Americans were needed to work in the fields. Groveland, like all of Lake County, was ruled with an iron fist by Sheriff Willis McCall, whose brutal treatment of blacks had become widely known. Through witness accounts, reenactments and court testimony, the film looks to shine a light on a difficult chapter in Central Florida’s history.

“WUCF’s mission is to serve as Central Florida’s storyteller and this is an important part of our history and a story that captured national attention,” said Dr. Phil Hoffman, WUCF Executive Director. “The goal is to spark a discussion of this case and to explore the ongoing issue of race relations in America today, as many still fight to see those involved in this case exonerated.”

You can learn more about The Groveland Four by visiting http://wucftv.org/groveland.