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WUCF sits down with an author and journalist on Global Perspectives

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

This week on Global Perspectives, host John Bersia sits down with Marya Hornbacher to discuss her writing approach on difficult topics.

At just four years old, Hornbacher was given a blank journal by her parents, and from there, she never stopped writing. Her first novel was published when she was 23 years old, exploring the issue of eating disorders. Today, she continues to explore the “dangers” of the writing world, in order to inspire others to face the truth in society.

“I think books speak to something in people that is wild. So I have books that I wish I had written not in the way I wrote. I have books that I’m very passionate about because people can feel very passionate about them,” Hornbacher admits. “But they are books that reach people at a gut level.”

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