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WUCF TV discusses Veterans issues in this week’s Metro Center Outlook

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

On this Veterans Day edition of Metro Center Outlook, host Dr. Diane Trees sits down with two Central Floridians to discuss life-altering challenges veterans face as they return home.

U.S. Rep. John Mica discusses the current state of the Department of Veterans of Affairs and the status of the Veterans Medical Center in Lake Nona.

“I am telling you, that the VA facility here, the new hospital will be the finest anywhere in the country.  We have been delayed, that’s the bad news.  The good news is we will have the best equipment in there,” said Rep. Mica.  “It’s state-of-the art and there’s nothing that will compare in the state of Florida and the nation to what’s in Lake Nona.  And Veterans deserve that care.”

And how can horses help veterans? Hear from Dr. Manette Monroe of the UCF College of Medicine and learn about her Horses for Heroes work.  The program puts veterans with PTSD symptoms to work with horses.  Horses are excellent therapy partners for veterans because the creatures are so sensitive to nonverbal communication, Dr. Monroe said.

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