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WUCF TV explores Climate Change in this week’s Metro Center Outlook

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

Among the states, Florida is the second lowest by elevation and has the second longest coastline.  This week on Metro Center Outlook, host Dr. Diane Trees sits down with experts who look at the controversies and the facts surrounding climate change.

“You know, it’s really interesting because as a nation we have a pretty strong faith in science and technology and here is an example of literally burying our heads in the sand where we’re not really listening to the community of scientists,” said Dr. Peter Jacques, Political Science Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida.  “We have a very large community of scientists and researchers who work on climate change in this country and many people in the public really believe that there’s some sort of conspiracy and there’s not.  There’s no conspiracy.  It is a very good science.”

Trees also speaks with Dr. Stephen Medeiros, a member of UCF’s CHAMPS Lab (Coastal Hydroscience Analysis, Modeling and Predictive simulations) to talk about rising sea levels.

Metro Center Outlook airs each Sunday on WUCF TV at 9 a.m.