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WUCF TV explores Osceola County growth in this week’s Metro Center Outlook

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

Forbes magazine recently recognized Osceola County as the tenth fastest growing county in the country. This week on Metro Center Outlook, learn how its technology, tourism, and transportation diversify and transform the county.

Host Dr. Diane Trees sits down with Brandon Arrington, Chairman of the Osceola County Commission, to discuss the area’s economy and development and what’s ahead.

“Currently, every morning in our community, 75% of our population wakes up and leaves our county to go to work someplace else,” said Arrington.  “We feel like by changing those codes, and really starting to put an emphasis on commercial and industrial development we can begin to change the tide.”

Trees also speaks with Dan Holladay, the managing director for the International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research (ICAMR).   The group is gearing up development in Osceola County with smart sensor technology and aims to bring high-tech jobs to the area.

Metro Center Outlook airs each Sunday on WUCF TV at 9 a.m. 

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