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WUCF TV explores the future of Central Florida’s Performing Arts in this week’s Metro Center Outlook

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

Central Florida’s performing arts community is on the brink of major change with the completion of the new Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center.  The new downtown venue plans to open in November. 

This week on Metro Center Outlook, Dr. Phillips Art Center President Kathy Ramsberger sits down with host Diane Trees, talking about the status of the project and what it means for Central Florida’s future.

“We’re more than just an arts center, we’re building a destination,” said Ramsberger.  “This arts center has been a dream of this community for over 25 years.”

We also sit down with Robert Hill, the Artistic Director of the Orlando Ballet.  “The mission for me is to create this unique identity for the Orlando Ballet,” said Hill.

Metro Center Outlook airs each Sunday on WUCF TV at 9 a.m. 

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Hosted by Diane Trees, director of the Metropolitan Center for Regional Studies at UCF, WUCF TV's Metro Center Outlook serves as a forum for government leaders, business executives and academic experts to discuss major issues facing Florida. The program gives Central Florida PBS viewers a front-row seat for discussions about government, education and more.