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WUCF TV sits down with Cheryl Brown Henderson in this week’s Global Perspectives

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

Cheryl Brown Henderson joins Global Perspectives this week to talk about her activism in the Civil Rights movement at a young age.

Her father, Oliver Brown, along with twelve other parents, filed the lawsuit that became the well-known Brown v. Board of Education court case. At the time, Henderson did not realize the impact of this “landmark decision.” As sixty years have passed, Henderson shares more about progression and civil rights today.

“Not until I was in college did I really understand the significance of Brown v. Board and that in all the world, the case was named for our family. And that gave me some unique importance for me as an individual. And then much, much, much later, really started taking responsibility and encouraging my family and others to start telling their stories,” Henderson states.

This week on Global Perspectives, join host John Bersia to learn more about what Henderson is doing to continue her father’s legacy.

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