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WUCF TV’s ARTISODES gets bluesy 17-year-old Guitar Hero

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

This week on WUCF TV’s Artisodes, meet a 17-year old from Orlando who’s already drawing big crowds at blues clubs around Central Florida.

Daniel Heitz starting playing guitar at 9-years-old. 

“Around ten, ten and a half, he wanted to start going out and playing jams. And I said no, you’re not ready,” said father Dan Heitz.  “I told him, you gotta learn the three kings, Freddie, BB and Albert.  He took it upon himself and starting learning.  Once he was about 11–years-old he started playing the classic blues stuff and I said, let’s go.”

And when he went into the club the first time, the crowd went wild and he’s been a hit ever since.

See how this teen is taking his passion for classic blues and wowing audiences across the area on Thursday’s Artisodes.

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