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WUCF TV’s ONE Central Florida Gets Some Speed

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

This month’s ONE Central Florida magazine show takes viewers on a high-speed adventure with one of the nation’s fastest all female race teams.

Meet the ladies from Palm Bay’s Larsen Motorsports, known as “the fastest girls in town.” This team has won many races in their jet cars, which can reach speed of up 300 miles per hour.

“Being called the fastest girls in town is a really good feeling.  It makes us fell like we’re something important and role models for little girls and little boys.” said Dawn Purdue, driver for Larsen Motorsports and pediatric nurse.

Then, head to Longwood and inside the sport of fencing.  We’ll introduce you to 13-year-old Amanda Pirkowski who has already won international awards including second place at the U.S. Summer Nationals in Kansas City. “I like that it’s physical and mental,” said Pirkowski. “You have to think so much about the game and prepare so many actions and think about what they’re doing next.  You have to have the athleticism but you also have to be intelligent too.”

Next, go inside an urban farming trend called Fleet Farming.  This gardening pilot program in Orlando is turning front yards into gardens, and could change the way food is grown around the world. “The basic concept of fleet farming is to convert people's lawn into food producing gardens,” said Heather Grove, Fleet Farming Coordinator.  “We call them farmlets.  We teach people to garden and farm as they help us harvest all of our crops. We then sell all of that produce locally at a local community farmer's market and to local chefs.”

Finally, ONE Central Florida introduces “Rent-A-Pup.”  This program takes shelter animals from Sanford’s “Pet Rescue by Judy” to the University of Central Florida campus to exercise the pups and help UCF students relieve stress.

ONE Central Florida airs Thursday, May 5 at 8 p.m. on WUCF TV.

You can catch up on previous episodes of ONE Central Florida on the website (http://www.wucftv.org/one).