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WUCF TV’s SciTech Central explores girls in technology

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

This week on SciTech Central, go inside “Tech Sassy Girlz,” an Orlando non-profit encouraging middle and high school girls to pursue careers in science and technology.

“The girls are working with real life graphic designers, real life coders, real life project managers and they're helping them through the process,” said Courtney Powell, President & CEO, ACE Applications.  “We try to implement real world methodologies to solving problems.  So we take them through the design session, the brain storming the story boarding.”

Next, head to the Iron Yard, a 12-week intensive boot camp for people who are looking to start new careers in web and app developing right here in Orlando.

Both segments are presented as part of WUCF TV’s American Graduate initiative.

We’ll take you to New York to see a gaming company is helping keep more tech jobs here in the United States.  And finally, head to Seattle where one group is trying to change the technology gender gap.

This episode of SciTech Central airs this Thursday, September 10 at 8:30 p.m. on WUCF TV.