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WUCF TV’s SciTech Central goes behind the eye

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

This week on WUCF TV’s SciTech Central, see how an Orlando ocularist is changing lives thanks to realistic prosthetics.

“It built my self-esteem, my confidence, I’m able to, you know, have eye contact with people rather than looking away,” said patient Samantha Jay.  “It’s just built my confidence up and it’s made a huge improvement on my life.”

We’ll take you through his procedure on creating the perfect and realistic prosthetic eye.

Next, learn how an app can connect you with your child’s primary care provider. This app is designed to save time and make health care more efficient.

Then, discover why surgeons are covering their eyes to see cancer cells in a way they never have before.

And head back to Central Florida and meet a breast-cancer survivor who invented the first and only water-resistant garment to protect mastectomy patients post surgery.

This episode of SciTech Central airs this Thursday, September 24 at 8:30 p.m. on WUCF TV.