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WUCF TV’s SciTech Central takes to the skies

Posted by Jennifer Cook on

On this week’s edition of SciTech Central, explore the science and technology behind aviation.
A team of Central Florida engineers wants to change the way pilots learn to fly.  Learn how Orlando’s Talon Simulations, a part of the University of Central Florida’s I-Corps program, bridges the gap between personal computer trainers and really expensive, bulky flight simulators.

“It has potential to revolutionize the industry of flight simulation," said Felix Soto Toro, PhD, NASA Engineer/UCF Faculty. "Any individual that is trying to obtain a pilot's license or more training, it will make that training that much more affordable and more people will be more interested in getting their pilot's license”

Curious about flying?  Go inside the Orange County Library’s Melrose Center, an innovative digital technology center at the downtown Orlando Public Library.  Here you can get your hands on simulators for flying, driving and construction.

Eighteen teens are in a race to get to the moon as part of the Google Lunar X Prize competition.  SciTech goes inside a Pennsylvania’s company competing for the prize.

This episode of SciTech Central airs this Thursday, March 19th at 8:30 p.m. on WUCF TV.

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