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WUCF’s SciTech Central Goes Inside the Zika Fight

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Just last week, Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed an executive order committing up to $26.2 million to combat the Zika virus.  This week on SciTech Central, go inside the science battling the spread of this disease.

One way Zika is spread is by mosquitoes and can cause fever and even death in adults.  It’s especially dangerous for pregnant women, where the virus can lead to developmental disabilities in babies.

Explore the efforts in Orange County as crews look for areas these mosquitoes could be hatching.  And hear from a mosquito neuroscientist with Florida International University who is researching non-spraying options through science.

Then, see how a plant nursery and non-profit organization is cleaning the air in Volusia County classrooms.  The Orange City brothers have donated indoor air purifying plants to schools, along with lessons on plant care, to help improve air quality.

“The main focus is trying to teach them all about nature and how it works in hopes that we can take care of the planet,” said Garrett Collins, co-founder of Peace by Peace.  “So if we can teach them how to properly take care of soil, we’re going to have soil for generations to come.”

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