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Help for Kids in Emergencies Emergencies can be overwhelming, particularly for young children. Even in the most difficult of circumstances, families can find strength and resilience within their community.

There are many people families can turn to in difficult times. Daniel Tiger reminds us to look for the helpers and be a helper, too.



Daniel Tiger - Draw Your FeelingsDaniel Tiger - Draw Your FeelingsDaniel Tiger - Draw Your FeeliDraw Your Feelings (pdf)

When something difficult or unexpected happens, children may experience many different feelings.  In this activity, kids can draw a picture that shows how they are feeling today.

Emergency Supply KitEmergency Supply KitEmergency Supply KitEmergency Supply Kit (pdf)

Use this handy checklist to help your family pack an emergency supply kit.

While waiting for the power to come back on, Louie reminds Elmo that there are still ways to have fun – requiring only a flashlight and a little imagination!