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Fred Rogers Florida Facts:

  • Fred Rogers attended Winter Park's Rollins College.  He was drawn to Rollins because of its music program, transferring to the school after studying French at Dartmouth College for a year.
  • Rogers graduated from Rollins in 1951 with a bachelor's dress in music composition.
  • Fred Rogers married Sara Byrd in 1952.  The two met on the campus of Rollins College.  Mrs. Rogers became an accomplished concert pianist.
  • As a Rollins Student, Rogers was inspired by the phrase, "Life is for Service," that is engraved in marble and mounted on the wall of Strong Hall.  He wrote it down on a small piece of paper and carried it in his wallet throughout his life as a reminder.
  • Before his death, Mr. & Mrs. Rogers spent most winters in Winter Park.  Fred swam every day at the Langford Hotel; when it closed, he used the pool at Rollins.  He would also wander the campus and often slip into lecture halls for classes.


Information provided by the Winter Park History Museum, Winter Park Magazine and Rollins College.

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