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How to Submit Your Video for “Ask a Scientist”​

You can help us make the show, and actually be on TV, by submitting a question you’ve always wanted to ask a scientist or engineer.

Here’s the deal: send us a short video of you (or a friend, brother, sister, spouse, neighbor… you get the idea) asking your question.  We’ll pick the best ones and include them in the show; an expert will then answer your question.  Questions can be on any topic related to science or technology

Video tips:

  • Start by telling us your name and the city or town where you live
  • Videos can be shot on any camera or device you have.  Smart phones are fine, but be sure to shoot them horizontally, NOT vertically.  
  • Make them medium shots, meaning the top of your head should be near but not touching the top of the fame, and the bottom of the frame should be between your waist and chest. 
  • Videos should be no more than 30 seconds.

Submit your videos via email or on our Facebook page!